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Many of us vow every year not to overindulge in all the holiday feasts and goodies, and every year by the time January comes around we have added a few extra pounds. Why not do things differently this year?
We are now carrying Plexus products, all natural products that help you lose weight and balance your digestive system. Why not start Plexus BEFORE you put on those unwanted pounds.
Not a meal substitute, Plexus Slim is a pleasant tasting drink that you take once a day that helps control your appetite, reduce binge eating, and helps to burn fat not muscle.
Come in today for a free sample and you will receive a coupon for a $10 discount on our other services.

Ionic Cleansing - Foot and Hand

Everything we ingest and experience both physically and emotionally affects our cells, therefore cleansing at the cellular level is of the utmost importance. The human body is comprised primarily of water, 70%-80% according to research.  Ionic cleansing works with the water in your body, activating it by energizing and balancing the meridians in your body. We all have a unique energy field produced by the atoms vibrating within our cells. Through ionic cleansing, the pure healthy water moves freely through our cells and has an energizing quality. Ionic Cleansing is a gentle non-intrusive treatment which creates a type of osmosis condition which draws out the toxins and impurities through your feet which have deposited in the cells.  This process has an energizing quality, your whole body is more free flowing, therefore strengthening the bodies own immune system

We offer Cell Wellbeing, much more than just hair analysis, it is environmental hair indexing.

From a sample of just 4 hairs, you can get a profile that includes nutrition, diet, toxins, microbiology and EMF/ELF indicators. Once the results are known, then recommendations regarding your diet, lifestyle, and supplements can be made based on your unique and totally personalized analysis.
The technology that we use is state of the art: your hair sample is digitized and the digital image is sent directly to the Computerised Technology Centre in Germany. You get your accurate results quickly.

Cell Well - Hair Analysis

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a sophisticated laboratory technique used in preventative medicine for assessing mineral imbalance and toxicities in the human body.  This diagnostic screening technique enables analysis of nutritional minerals and toxic metals with greater accuracy than by any other diagnostic method. The annual analysis allows early detection of imbalances and toxicities which can be measured and therefore individualized to corrected minor imbalances before they become advanced.  (Connection with company to do testing)