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Before the first NEO Bracelet rolled off the production lines, the founders of cPRIME envisioned a technology company that not only produces performance wear that can enhance lives, but one that offers a life-changing business as well. The patent-pending technology in the cPRIME NEO Bracelets. cPRIME's first line of performance wear products offers immediate results. The technology works the instance someone puts on a cPRIME bracelet. Demonstrations of the product require less than five minutes, and happy customers become word-of-mouth marketers for a distributor's business. "When you have a product with instant, undeniable impact, it sell's itself."

  "The Product is a natural fit for the networking model. We were approached early on with a lot of marketing opportunities," say's Hal Bibee, cPRIME Executive Vice President. "At the end of the day, we felt like our products needed to be shown and demonstrated by people who were passionate, "People Helping People" as we were, thus we picked network marketing.

Our Products

 Athletes want to improve their speed, agility, flexibility and strength; stay-at-home moms want an extra energy boost to make it through their multi-tasking days; the elderly seek an increased level of balance to prevent mishaps. We face forces every day that work to zap our energy and keep our bodies from reaching their optimal performance. The need for a daily performance enhancer stretches across all demographics, races, genders, occupations and levels of athleticism. The nearly $30 billion energy food and drink market is evidence that today's consumer is seeking out additional boost.

  Through a patent-pending technology, cPRIME offers a new advancement in the performance enhancing niche. By acting as a bio-antenna, cPRIME's proprietary technology allows the body to balance and optimize biological responses to its electromagnetic environment, which may help to improve balance, endurance, strength, flexibility and overall performance. This powerful, life-changing technology is packaged in sleek, fashion forward performance wear products. cPRIME has caught the eye of hundreds of celebrities and professional athletes, as well as thousands of ordinary people looking for a natural edge to help them reach their peak performance level.