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focus being the total body with concentration on the problem areas.  By working on the neck, head, feet and hands, the treatment "shocks" a healing response to occur at a faster rate, thus speeding the healing time and increasing circulation.  This process in turn helps the body's own ability to flush unwanted toxins and blockages. The treatment benefits vary from feeling more balance, lighter and a general overall sense of well being.

The Natural Way to Better Health and a Better You

In a unique combination of Total Body Reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki and North American massage techniques aide in allowing the body's own ability to heal naturally. The treatment is approximately an hour in duration, with the 

Foot Reflexology; a drug free way to alleviate pain and improve overall health.Donna Grace & Associates; experienced, certified Reflexologists with the right touch, and over 20 years experience within the healthcare industry. Foot reflexology is an alternative therapy thought to be helpful in treating illness and improving general overall health. By stimulating the thousands of nerve endings in the feet with medium pressure techniques. A Reflexologist can access & strengthen the body’s “gi” or “energy” which may have positive effects on the lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, reproductive and immune system, rejuvenating the body.; along with detoxifying your system (ionic cleanse), this treatment instills an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Foot Reflexology

Total Body Reflexology has been proven effective for health problems, diseases, disturbances or abnormal conditions such as:   

Arthritis                              Back Pain                               Cancers
Asthma                               Digestive Disorders              Fibromyalgia
Diabetes                             Ear Infections                        Sinus Infections
Headaches                         Multiple Sclerosis                 Sport Injuries
Migraines                           Reproductive Disorders

"The Natural Way to Better Health"
Using natural methods such as
Total Body Reflexology and Ionic Foot Detox
the clients body is freed of blockages and
allowed to relax and heal.


Total Body Reflexology

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